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We are a global movement bringing positive change through responsible commerce and community building platforms. We make it easy for people to buy local, so more revenue remains in the local economy. We believe in co-creating stronger communities that improve quality of life for everyone. Whether you are at home or away, DigitalTown makes it easy and convenient to support local, everywhere.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Everyone in your city, in one place.

You too can become an integral part of your community. Join other stakeholders in your city or town. Help local businesses. Contribute content and engage in discussions and host events via our free community tools. You'll be rewarded! At DigitalTown we're inclusive of all, from the mom and pop store that’s the stuff of local legend, to the established Main Street retailer.

If it’s in your city, we’ve got it covered.

Not just secure, blockchain secure.

As pioneers in blockchain technology, our network of state of the art platforms are built with safety and security in mind. This is more than just a commerce and tourism platform, this is the start of the economic revolution. We are sharing it with the world, starting with you. Get involved in your local community today and help build a global economy for tomorrow that is local first.

One small step. One giant leap.

Our partners

We partner governments, private companies and non profits who believe in co-creating thriving, local economies and communities.

We'd like to thank our partners for their commitment to co-creating brighter, sustainable and resilient tomorrows. We love you!

Smart Search

Search engines make our lives easier. We believe that even in a hyper competitive global market, everything still begins at home. Our innovative search technology enables you to explore and connect with local businesses easily. We've made it convenient and secure to shop with local merchants as an alternative to today's out-of-town Internet giants. Every time you buy from participating merchants using the SmartWallet, you’ll both be saving money.

Smart Community

Our smart community tools facilitate co-creation. We make it easy and convenient for residents and visitors to come together and connect to share and manage meaningful content, discussions, events and projects. Watch your community flourish as you are rewarded for your engagement with Community Points. You can exchange your Community Points with participating businesses. Exchange your Community Points for a coffee and your barista can use them for marketing within the DigitalTown ecosystem.

Smart Wallet

The DigitalTown SmartWallet supports traditional and cryptocurrencies. Businesses pay just a 1% payment processing fee and everyone enjoys free peer-to-peer transfers. A simple solution for people to pay for goods and services. You can pay anyone, in any currency, by scanning your QR code.

A Bank Account/Credit Card is not always required.

Smart Savings

DigitalTown is a movement for people by people. We put people at the heart of Smart Cities. Buying from participating merchants means you both make savings and reap rewards. A win for business. A win for consumers. A win for community growth.

Smart Cities

Our mission is to harness the power of technology for good. We are creating a global network. We call it the Internet of People (IoP). We work closely with cities to become Smart People-Centric Cities. Imagine a connected world working to co-create better futures for all. DigitalTown is making it happen, and your city can be an integral part!

Smart Shopping

DigitalTown powers local commerce across dining, lodging, retail and services on mobile. Businesses receive a free storefront and can begin trading immediately. Shoppers can access a localized marketplace knowing that profits are staying where they belong - locally.

We invite you to come and join the movement!

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Please refer to the News section for the latest press releases. The DigitalTown Executive Team is always willing to conduct interviews. Contact us for more details.
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We invite investors to invest for impact in DigitalTown.
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Become a Community Leader

Become a Community Leader – our Community Leaders are passionate and empowered individuals who are the change they want to see in their community. DigitalTown Community Leaders help businesses and citizens get the most out of their city, powered by DigitalTown’s cutting edge technology. Community Leaders share in the success of their community.

Become a Content Creator

Our Content Creators are the creative gurus behind the interesting content that appears on each city portal. They shine light on little known gems in their hometowns. Content Creators earn Community Points for their participation and share in the success of their community.

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Whether you’re an established business or a daring entrepreneur just starting out, we give you a free storefront to promote your products and services so that you appear in search results for your local community ahead of non-local listings.
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Oganize a hackathon in your area and test drive our cutting-edge, blockchain-based technology.
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