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In a time of consolidation and globalization, we’re on a mission to keep more business local.

We envision a world of thriving, unique local communities that transact and interact locally but connect globally.

We provide an alternative to multi-national search engines and marketplaces, saving merchants money and ensuring more revenue stays within the local economy and community. The DigitalTown platform supports powerful online and mobile communities. We enable commerce and fulfilment in local communities thereby helping residents to buy locally while equipping merchants to sell locally. This local-first approach also protects against abuse and meddling that has become a feature of our globally-connected digital age.

The DigitalTown platform is a cost-effective eco-system for creating and supporting smart communities, which we define as connected to shared content and local commerce.

DigitalTown powers connected online communities that enable members of a community to find information and acquire the goods and services they need locally. The DigitalTown platform is intended to transform how the local economy consumes and transacts. It does this by helping local community citizens interact with merchants, businesses and municipal governments.

The Strategic Importance of Local First

Supporting local businesses has a multiplier effect on the amount of money that stays in the community. Locally owned businesses recycle much of their revenues back into the local economy; approximately three times more than national and international chains. They create more local jobs and provide better wages and benefits. They create distinctive and unique businesses that offer a wide range of products and services. And finally, they help to sustain walkable town centers which reduce sprawl, car use, habitat loss and pollution.

Join us in our effort to change how everyone on every continent interacts with their respective communities.

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The DigitalTown Team

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