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For Smart Cities that put people first.

Our mission is to make it easy for people to search, find and buy from local businesses, and to keep more of the revenue generated by a community in the community.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, itโ€™s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

We make it easy to search, find and buy from local businesses

At DigitalTown, we create technology that puts local businesses at the heart of the community.
All around the world, independent merchants are going out of business as retail giants dominate the marketplace.
Communities suffer as a consequence. Local businesses find it hard to compete and people move to larger cities to find work. Communities dwindle.

Our Technology

Not just secure, blockchain secure.

As pioneers in the adoption of blockchain-based technology, our solution is built with safety and security in mind. This is more than just a commerce and tourism solution, this is the start of an economic revolution! Start supporting local businesses today and help to build a global economy for tomorrow that is local first.

For Businesses

We provide all businesses with a free online listing. Any type and size of business can appear among the first in local search results within our platform.
Merchants save money on every transaction via our free SmartWallet.
All that is required is a smartphone, tablet or PC and an Internet connection.

For the Community

Become an integral member of your community by choosing local businesses. Every time you buy direct from a local business, whether instore or online via our platform, you will be helping the local community retain more wealth.
When you shop with DigitalTown online, rest assured that your merchant will receive payment immediately, and as we charge some of the lowest commission rates available today, more revenue stays in the local community.

For Private Investors

As a municipality or a private investor, you can adopt the DigitalTown platform for your local town or city.
We offer the missing piece of the Smart Cities puzzle. Our platform puts people and the Internet of People (IoP) at the heart of Smart Cities. By partnering with DigitalTown, cities receive a turnkey โ€˜digital cityโ€™ solution without investing in expensive, bespoke systems.

For Developers

We invite developers to use our public facing APIs to create innovative mobile apps that benefit society.
Organize a hackathon in your area and test drive our cutting-edge, blockchain-based technology.

The SmartWallet

The DigitalTown SmartWallet is available for free to everyone via the DigitalTown App. Simply register for an account, add some funds, and you are ready to transact with other DigitalTown SmartWallet holders and participating merchants.
The DigitalTown SmartWallet supports traditional and cryptocurrencies. Businesses pay just a 2% payment processing fee and everyone enjoys free peer-to-peer transfers. A simple solution for people to pay for goods and services.
A Bank Account/Credit Card is not always required to obtain a free DigitalTown SmartWallet.


When you use your SmartWallet you are rewarded with CommunityPoints.
CommunityPoints hold no monetary value and can be exchanged with participating businesses. Exchange your CommunityPoints for a coffee and your barista can use them for marketing within the DigitalTown ecosystem.

Download the App

Download the DigitalTown app for iOS and Android and get your free SmartWallet.


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Our partners

We partner governments, private companies and non profits who believe in co-creating thriving, local economies and communities.

We'd like to thank our partners for their commitment to co-creating brighter, sustainable and resilient tomorrows. We love you!