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Rob Monster at TEDx
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"A World of People-Centric Cities"

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Smart Shares

Teamwork. Co-Creation. Shared-Ownership. Whatever you want to call it, DigitalTown's innovative CityShare platform offers residents the chance to own a stake in a city's success. All while giving stakeholders a passionate community in which to engage.

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Smart Wallet

People can be a force for good and should be rewarded for it. Shopping local or just helping out your neighbors. You receive actual credit and street cred across the world for being a positive force in your community, all with one log in.

Smart Web

We've made it simple to support grassroots efforts by making the web more connected. It’s like a digital city master plan where consumers navigate through everything local. We've made it easy and convenient to shop with local merchants as an alternative to today's out-of-town Internet giants.

Smart Commerce

DigitalTown provides multi-device solutions for local commerce across both retail and service sectors. Businesses can set up a no-cost storefront and transact immediately. Consumers access a localized marketplace with a far greater share of profits retained in their hometown.


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