Smart City

You won’t find us installing any sensors or cameras (IoT), and we definitely don’t plan on building data centers. We are using the cloud as an organizing force for an improved quality of life among people (IoP) and businesses (IoB). DigitalTown lend a helping hand to local businesses by offering more.

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Smart Wallet

In a DigitalTown we believe that the sharing economy is a game changer. We are merging the conventional and sharing economy into one portal which enables users to engage with one another in ever increasing 'peer to peer’ models. The foundation of our solution is Trust - obtained through a verified identity, a personal reputation, and a secure payment solution - all contained in your Smart Wallet that travels around the world with you.

DigitalTown believes it pays to be good. We’re encouraging users to invest in their online reputation through acts of service and co-creation, as well as simply buying from one another to ensure money stays in the local economy.

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Smart Web

We transform city websites into the foundation on which to build a smart city that helps nurture and support the local community. Imagine a digital city master plan built on a smart web, where you navigate directly to everything - from city services (.city) to legal services (.law), retailers (.shop), restaurants (.menu) and even private art dealers (.art).

The smart web is intuitive, and DigitalTown is the architect. SmartWeb gives you the convenience of the big box retailers, with the benefits of buying local and keeping money in the local economy.

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Domains & Counting

From street level to governing bodies.

Who we work with matters

  • Community Change Makers
  • Local Business
  • Residents
  • Developers
  • Start-ups