About us

DigitalTown Mission

At DigitalTown, we empower communities like yours through co-creation of stronger local economies, in order to create brighter tomorrows. We’re passionate about a future that works for everyone.

Some call this resiliency. We call it putting local pride into action.

How do we do this? By delivering mobile tools that make it easy to search, connect and buy local.

DigitalTown Vision

At DigitalTown, we envision a world of thriving local communities that transact locally and globally – a connected world where it pays to be local and it pays to be good.

We partner with forward-thinking communities to build a better place for businesses, residents and visitors alike. Cities and towns are looking to put people first. These are what we call Smart, People-Centric Cities.

We work with aspiring entrepreneurs, both big and small who offer every product or service imaginable. We unite them through our smart mobile app that allows shoppers to easily find local alternatives to meet their unique needs and interests.

Working together as co-creators, we can change the world for good. We can keep profits closer to home, create more high-quality jobs. Along the way, we can make more friends and perhaps even bring the world a little close to peace in our lifetimes.

At DigitalTown, we share a vision that is inclusive, responsible and resilient. Join us.

We enable people to co-create thriving local economies - globally.

At DigitalTown, we connect the world locally and globally. We’re committed to building a co-operative network of independent communities who share common goals and practices. From local residents, to business owners and city leaders, we all have a vital role to play. When we revolutionize the way we interact, transact and connect, we all benefit.

What we do

We create discoverable online gateways where residents and visitors uncover the best a city has to offer. Think of the most powerful online shopping and search tools converging on your hometown to support local empowerment. We work with city stakeholders to provide local merchants with a free online storefront and a market to connect within their communities in new ways. Our philosophy is to share the success with the people and cities which make us who we are, by keeping more funds where they belong - in the community. We work with everyone, from governing bodies striving to turn their cities into globally integrated Smart Cities to small and large business owners and conscientious people who are aware of the importance of keeping profits local. We believe that if your community prospers, everyone wins. At DigitalTown, we make civic pride a call to action and inspire people to co-create innovative solutions in communities across the globe. Join us today and become a key figure in both the DigitalTown movement, and your local community. Whether as an entrepreneur seeking a new platform to promote a business, or as a consumer looking to create change with your currency, everyone is welcome to join us and brighten the prospects for tomorrow.

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