Second Supplemental SubV Brief – February 5, 2021

In preparation of our upcoming continued hearing, today we have filed our second supplementary brief and accompanying declaration of Joseph Dicker, related to our SubV eligibility. The brief reaffirms the position we are eligible to proceed under SubV as we were not subject to the reporting requirements outlined in the SubV eligibility criteria. The brief and declaration are available for viewing and downloading below.

The continued hearing is scheduled for February 10, 2021 at 11am CST, and is for the judge to consider and act upon the US Trustee’s motion to rescind our Subchapter V Election.

Creditors and shareholders are being once again reminded that, if they intend to telephonically attend the hearing, to kindly dial in a few minutes before the start time, remain on the call for the duration of the hearing, and to mute your phone for the entire duration of the hearing. The entering and exiting of callers into the telephone conference system is very disruptive while the hearing is in progress, as are background noises. Thanks for your cooperation.

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