DigitalTown provides setup services for each city website, as well as 24/7 support.  In addition, the appointed administrators have access to advanced tools for customizing the user experience..

User and Admins

The site administrator has the ability to manage rights and privileges of administrators, users, merchants and couriers.  The site administrator also has the ability to review logs of historical activity.

Content Management

The site administrator has full editorial control overall city content, which can be arranged hierarchically for menu-based navigation in addition to keywords search.  Administrators also have editorial control over community content such as Places of Interest, FAQs, News, Classifieds, Jobs, and Events.   

Message Management

The city site comes with turn-key solutions for bulk messaging via email and SMS.  In addition the city site provides a solution for emergency alert messaging.

Search Management

The DigitalTown search engine is designed to intelligently identify locally relevant content.  In addition, the site administrator has manual control over which sites are in the field of search, and the frequency with which they are crawled.  

Advertising Management

The site administrator can optionally enable the integrated advertising server in order to generate revenue through advertising and sponsorships.  The site administrator can choose between direct sale of sponsorships or the optional use of the DigitalTown advertising network.