In a DigitalTown, the community co-creates quality of life through real-time partnership.  Problems are solved. Crimes are averted.  Friends are connected.  Strangers become friends. 

Problem Reporting

By using the free DigitalTown mobile application, reporting a problem in the community is done within seconds. The problem report includes a geo-tagged location, an optional photo as well as a description of the problem.  

Civic Policing

Through the CityCop mobile application, citizens can instantly report public safety issues.  Citizen-contributed reports can be combined in real time with official public safety reports to provide a complete view of nearby public safety.

Interest Groups

Interest groups are a powerful way to bring likeminded individuals together. Members can join or create groups focused on their unique interests to reach out and engage with others.


Integrated messaging provides community members with an alternative to messaging on external services such as Facebook with the added benefit that community reputation carries across the DigitalTown network all with single sign on.