About our API

We are working to empower you to realize your ideas. By using our global standard components, you can focus on what makes your solutions unique.

The DigitalTown API provides the ability to manage Verified Digital Identities, a Smart Wallet and Local Search with much more on the way.

Verified Digital Identity

Serves as a single-sign-on for the world. Through the DigitalTown Smart City platform, every legal resident and every licensed business, is able to secure to a unique, verified and permanent online digital identity that is linked to the city in which they currently reside. This identity allows users to sign into DigitalTown services that have been built using the DigitalTown API. Along the way, it will allow them to be known individuals and to build and use their portable digital reputation.

Smart Wallet

Supports the sharing economy by allowing free peer-to-peer transfers quickly and securely in multiple currencies. Merchants can also securely use centralized payment processing and access funds upon completing their transactions. The SmartWallet is also the repository for personalization attributes such as your user profile, location, personal interests, as well as reputation and external payment methods.

Local Search

Means Local Restaurants, Hotels, Events and Attractions - ensuring local business and services are promoted ahead of global organizations. Radial search also returns generic search results from the Bing API,making it easy to build applications that provide local information for local applications.

So, get creative. It is has never been easier to build solutions for making your city smart! And if you have an idea for a Local API that you would like to see added, or want to co-create, contact us.