DigitalTown is a Turn-Key Solution

DigitalTown is the leading provider of cloud-hosted Software as a Service Solutions that enable any city of any size to become a Smart City. There is one unique DigitalTown portal for each city, licensed exclusively to either the municipality, private developer, or local stakeholder.

When a DigitalTown goes live, any merchant in the community can be equipped with a free online storefront, with which they can sell local. Advanced solutions for Retail, Services, Dining, Lodging and Property allow locals to buy locally, and for merchants to sell globally to both residents and visitors.

In a DigitalTown, every member of the community has a free SmartWallet, with which they can connect and transact with ease. The Smart Wallet saves your payment methods, learns your preferences, and allows community members to build portable reputation that works when visiting any DigitalTown around the world.


Diners can reserve tables at local restaurants of choice as well as search menus for a particular dish or ingredient. Restaurants can setup web/mobile sites, online ordering, delivery and payment processing.

See Smart.Menu for more info.

Classified Ads

Community members can post and promote local listings with or without listing fees. Buyers can pay for goods via their Smart Wallet.

Merchant Processing

Merchants can join for free, and start selling instantly. You can provide an integrated process service or allow use of existing payment processor.


The secure e-commerce platform enables merchants to sell both locally and globally. Merchants can begin selling in minutes with no technical skills required.


Send instant alerts via SMS or email to the community via the DigitalTown or proprietary mobile app.

Ratings and Reviews

Merchants have the option of displaying customer reviews, which can be liked and shared.


Keep your community informed with news from your own contributors, or news aggregated from city-approved news feeds.

Event Calendar

Cities host calendars and provide sign up and reminders for upcoming events.


When accessed via the free mobile application, interactive maps guide users to their destination.

.City is a cloud-based solution

Applications are monitored continuously. Support is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. City data is stored securely and backed up continually. In the highly unlikely event of catastrophic data loss, DigitalTown provides backup restoration and disaster recovery services to get you back online quickly.

Straight Forward Deployment and Support

Within a matter of days, your city website is live and ready for use. Free support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both administrators and merchants.

Your Smart City site powered by DigitalTown is monitoring continuously to assure high availability and to prevent unauthorized access. DigitalTown also provides continuous backup management and recovery services.

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DigitalTown invites operators of new Top Level Domains to partner on creating a new generation of intuitive navigation standards that help residents and visitors easily find what they are looking for without primary dependence on generic search engines.

The addition of the SmartWallet Single Sign-on makes the web experience personalized according to user-defined preferences. Social connections and Merchant Transactions are securely completed anywhere in the DigitalTown network with a single Smart Wallet.

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    .CITY Portals are where communities search, connect and transact local.

  • .Menu

    .MENU’s Smart.Menu platform provides turn-key booking and ordering on web and mobile.

  • .Bible

    .BIBLE’s integrated software solution enables any church to become a Digital Church.