The user-friendly dashboard combines core services such as licensing, permitting, property management, complaint management and other functions, all of which can be tailored to work with the unique needs of local governments. Manage approval of business licenses. Tracks payment of fees and renewals, including the option of enforcing licensing in order to initiate new requests.

Smart Governance


Business Licensing

Manage approval of business licenses. Track payment of fees and renewals. Including the option to require permits and business license.

Building, Electrical & Mechanical Permitting

Manage building approvals, and electrical and mechanical permits. Track inspections. Notify permit holders of status updates through system emails and text messages.

Abandoned Property

Manage approvals and renewals of abandoned-property registrations.

Zoning Management

Manage both zoning classifications as well as individual property zoning variances.

Property Complaints

Receive and track property complaints ensuring safety and maintenance of local properties.

Bulk Trash Removal

Receive and track requests for bulk trash removal.