About the Global Youth Ambassador Program (GyAP)

The GyAP selects candidates and provides them with all the tools and training required to help communities become DigitalTowns.



DigitalTown empowers ambassadors and communities globally.


The GyAs and their communities coโ€‘create a fairer society.


What happens in one place can scale and will influence the whole world.


Trust in ourselves, each other, the movement, and the end result.


Here at DigitalTown, weโ€™re on a mission to empower thriving local economies and restore local sovereignty. Through our implementation of Blockchain technology, weโ€™ve made it so that every town and city in the world can take charge of its future while keeping more money in the local economy. Cities around the world on five continents are already getting on board, however, our work is just beginning.

The fun stuff

Starting Summer 2018, we are offering month-long placements on our GyAP on the sub-tropical paradise island of Gran Canaria. As a selected candidate, you will receive everything you need to go and help a community of your choice become a DigitalTown, all while making a living for yourself.

Training Program

Training Program

14-day program covering introductions about the company, the technology, practice pitching, role plays, tips and success stories.


Understanding of the movement, the business model and the technology.


The opportunity to spend time learning and co-creating on the island of Gran Canaria, and then anywhere your heart desires.

Benefit Program

We will include a benefit card that you can use during your Program.


  • Desire to Make a Difference
  • Engaged in your Local Community
  • Experience Organizing Events
  • Understanding of the Gig Economy
  • Passion for People


  • Build Communities
  • Evangelize DigitalTown Technology and our Mission
  • Create Local Content
  • Onโ€‘board Local Businesses Across Retail, Dining, Lodging and Services
  • Present the DigitalTown Movement at Events and Meetups


Become a Global Youth Ambassador

Weโ€™re looking for tenacious graduates who arenโ€™t afraid of change! Grants are available for exceptional, ambitious individuals who need them. To be considered, send your CV with personal statement to gyap@digitaltown.com In doing so you accept to be contacted by us.