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Read our White Paper for comprehensive insight into our Blockchain-based technology. DigitalTown is the first public company to fully adopt Blockchain.
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Thank you for your interest in DigitalTown. At DigitalTown we are doing something that can change the world for good. We believe in a future of thriving, sovereign, local economies…
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The DigitalTown annual report required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), that gives a comprehensive summary of our financial performance.
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About DigitalTown

DigitalTown is working with a network of communities around the world to introduce self-funding platforms that are locally governed and locally owned, where everybody can transact, connect, and search locally.

CEO Rob Monster at TEDx Budva

Our leadership team is comprised of passionate and knowledgeable thought leaders. CEO Rob Monster's TEDTalk is inspiring and clearly highlights why DigitalTown matters.

CEO Rob Monster in San Antonio

CEO Rob Monster delivers inspiring speech in San Antonio encouraging residents to take the reins of their community and economy with DigitalTown's Blockchain-based platform.



Market Cap

$ 8,5M

52 Week Low / High

0.0735 - 0.42
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Opportunity for investors

The digital economy has seen online monopolies dominate the marketplace. Through their consolidation of profit, they have been able to control local commerce and community connection. DigitalTown is uniquely positioned to lead the emerging cooperative commerce movement representing the global response by city stakeholders seeking greater economic prosperity. Our global operating framework is led by a seasoned leadership team, a growing global advocate network and is rooted in a modern blockchain technology layer, with distribution channels that generate responsible growth and impactful returns to investors.  

The future of local economies

Bringing the power of decentralized and distributed economic prosperity to communities will be this era’s greatest opportunity for responsible growth and purpose. Our network already has participating cities led by municipal and grassroots community stakeholders together with more than 20 channel partners. We will continue to invest in this distribution framework alongside awareness campaigns and operational execution.

You probably didn’t realize it when you clicked on the button, but here is what happens after some typical transactions:

Up to 22% fee on an Amazon purchase.
Up to 40% hotel booking fee on Expedia.
Up to 50% every Uber ride you take.

This is supported with a mix of community leadership, global alliances, cutting edge technology, and collective purpose. Accredited investors can invest in that future here.



Around the world, local merchants are closing at an unprecedented rate and communities are becoming increasingly disconnected. The root cause of the issue is that we have allowed specific verticals to be dominated by a small number of large corporations at the cost of the economic wellbeing of our local economies. Cities were historically groups of economies and social beings that contributed to each other’s well-being. At DigitalTown we believe there is a way to achieve economic growth, but not at the expense of human prosperity in an effort to return cities to their original intention. When communities keep money local, greater opportunities are created, and the economic value of communities increases. When communities win in the Digital Age, everyone can win given their inclusive nature.


DigitalTown owns more than 13,000 .city domains creating a unified network of co-operative city portals. The solution that powers these portals is comprised of five key pillars:
  • The city as the brand
  • Verified online identities
  • Secure payment peer to peer and with local merchants
  • Shared ownership
  • Rewarding civic engagement
The result is a cooperatively owned web and mobile solution that is locally branded and connected with a globally interoperable network. Our motto is: Support local, everywhere. We put people at the heart of Smart Cities.


DigitalTown helps people search, connect, and transact with local merchants and with one another to ensure funds remain in circulation on a local level. We leverage blockchain technology to issue smart contracts to each citizen, in each city, to then share revenue we generate back with them and the wider community. Our model is shared ownership for shared community success as part of our broader global grassroots cooperative movement. Providing ownership turns each user into an advocate building on their preference to support local, but with digital tools to execute on that aspiration and eliminating the friction to achieve it.


Our channel partners around the globe include municipalities, chambers of commerce, destination marketing organizations, local businesses, community leaders, foundations, NGOs, philanthropists, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, and various civic minded people from a range of backgrounds looking to invest in a more prosperous economic future. All or any of these stakeholders can lead their local movement. In Miami, for example, the movement is being led directly in partnership with the municipality. In Austin, the community is leading the way, and in Nashville, the destination marketing organization is supporting market adoption.

Revenue Model

We provide each user a free SmartWallet which hosts:
  • Blockchain enabled Verified Digital Identity
  • Reputation cataloguing civic participation
  • Supports fiat and crypto currencies
  • 10 free CityShares providing citizens with an ownership stake in their city
Each city portal will earn revenue by withholding a percentage of the value of all online transactions. Ownership stake is dictated by CityShares, a blockchain-based smart contract providing ownership rights to all citizens in each city. DigitalTown maintains a 20% stake in each city to appropriately reinvest in the platform and improve user experience as adoption grows. As users search for products or services in their city, local merchants and independents appear first in the search results. DigitalTown acts as the merchant of record for these transactions and retains its percentage based on the number of CityShares held at that time. All remaining revenue is distributed to the community and local owners as a result of their CityShares ownership at that time. Online commissions represent a significant reduction for local merchants working with Big Internet. Initial percentages will be as follows:
  • Lodging: 12% on all reservations
  • Retail: 8% on all purchases
  • Dining: 8% on all delivery orders
  • Services: Referral fee based on vertical
We charge no transaction fees for peer to peer or in store purchases. We are able to lower online commissions as we achieve economies of scale creating further incentive for adoption. It’s the promise of the sharing economy delivered responsibly to communities around the world with enormous potential to retool how we approach local economic development.

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CEO Rob Monster's Review of the Past Year

In May 2015, I took over as CEO of DigitalTown. At the time…
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Come and meet us at an event. Members of the DigitalTown team are often found sharing their expertise at some top events.


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