Aug 10, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. announces successful participation in Austin Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge

Aug 8, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. welcomes CFO Dave Carter

Aug 2, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. announce strategic partnership with Monetizr

Jul 30, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. shines at InnoSTARS Pitch Event

Jul 26, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. participates in Austin Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge

Jul 24, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. welcomes Silvio Frank Pupo as Advisor

Jul 20, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. partners FreeUP Mobile

Jul 16, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. joins Geekdom to bring Blockchain platform to San Antonio

Jul 13, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. appoints George Nagy as Board Member

Jul 12, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. rebrands, launches new website

Jun 14, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. appoints Phil Komarny as Advisor

May 29, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. announces partnership with

May 17, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. receives $2.4m investment from Pithia, Inc.

May 11, 2018

DigitalTown, Inc. and lifeID announce strategic partnership

Apr 25, 2018

UCSD Students via TRITON FUNDS invest $1,000,000 in DigitalTown, Inc.

Apr 18, 2018

DigitalTown Launches SanAntonio.City

Feb 13, 2018

The DigitalTown SmartWeb

Feb 8, 2018 puts Dallas on the Blockchain

Feb 6, 2018

Smart.London Open for Business

Jan 12, 2018

DigitalTown Provides Update on Launch

Jan 9, 2018 Heralds a New Digital Era

Jan 9, 2018 is Live

Jan 3, 2018 Open for Business

Dec 7, 2017

DigitalTown Announces Global Launch of CityShares

Nov 1, 2017

DigitalTown Announces Acquisition of City Information B.V.

Oct 11, 2017

DigitalTown Announces Acquisition of Congo Ltd. Assets

Sep 29, 2017

Digital Eternity for Netizens

Sep 13, 2017

DigitalTown Introduces Blockchain Platform for Smart Cities

Jul 5, 2017

DigitalTown Acquires Comencia

May 11, 2017

DigitalTown Inks Deal With Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association

May 11, 2017

South Dakota Hotel & Lodging Association Joins DigitalTown Smart Tourism Network

May 9, 2017

DigitalTown, Digital Greenwich, Dot London Domains and MMX Announce Strategic Partnership for a Smart London

Apr 21, 2017

New Jersey Tourism Industry Association Partners With DigitalTown for Smart Tourism

Dec 21, 2016

DigitalTown Announces Expansion of Board of Directors

Dec 21, 2016

How Your City Website Can Drive Revenue

Dec 7, 2016

Biztech goes global at its sold out Christmas Dinner event

Dec 2, 2016

DigitalTown Announces Acquisition of

Oct 18, 2016

Using smart city technology to power local economic development

Sep 21, 2016

DigitalTown looks to ease pain of smart city transformation

Sep 21, 2016

DigitalTown Announces Acquisition of Rezserve Technologies Ltd.

Sep 14, 2016

DigitalTown Launches Smart City Platform

Jul 12, 2016

DigitalTown Announces Acquisition of SoftwareMasters

Jun 24, 2016

DigitalTown Announces .CITY Domain Network Initiative

Mar 10, 2016

DigitalTown Acquires Cloud.Market

Feb 23, 2016

City of Gaylord Partners With DigitalTown for Smart City

Jan 25, 2016 Announces Professional Services Division for Building Digital Towns

Nov 20, 2015

DigitalTown Announces Universal Community Platform

Jul 1, 2015

DigitalTown Announces Network Rollout and New Launch Partners, and Sport Ngin

May 18, 2015

DigitalTown Appoints Rob Monster as CEO

Nov 19, 2014

DigitalTown Opens Beta Registration of Its Domain Portfolio for Leases in Secure Escrow Accounts

Sep 10, 2014

DigitalTown Partners With to Manage Domain Portfolio, and Provide Sales and Leasing Solutions

Sep 8, 2014

DigitalTown to Open up Its Vast Domain Portfolio for the First Time for Leases in Secure Escrow Accounts