SEATTLE, May 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DigitalTown (OTC:DGTW) and lifeID, both of Seattle, announce a new, ground-breaking partnership to deliver user managed, self-sovereign identity to members of the DigitalTown ecosystem.

Identity and Smart Cities on the Blockchain

DigitalTown is a pioneer in the use of Smart City technology and decentralized applications for cities. The company provides a web and mobile application that empowers residents, visitors, merchants and municipalities to work together to create thriving sovereign local communities.

DigitalTown CEO, Rob Monster, comments: “DigitalTown and lifeID share a vision for a frictionless world where Self-Sovereign Identity allows users to securely access services both online and offline while maintaining full control over their personal data. Massively scalable and high-speed distributed Internet technology makes this possible, and is a critical success factor for making this exciting vision a reality. The partnership with lifeID is a very obvious and natural development for DigitalTown that will offer billions of people around the world the opportunity to interact and transact with businesses and peers in a secure digital environment. We’re delighted to partner lifeID as it establishes its position as the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi equivalent for secure identification in the Digital Age and the blockchain era.”

“DigitalTown has created the infrastructure to make “Smart Cities” a reality,” says Chris Boscolo, CEO of lifeID. “Now we can see a future where DigitalTown’s innovative platform helps citizens search, shop and connect within their local economies, creating thriving and interoperable local ecosystems around the world.”

At the heart of every thriving digital town are the residents who participate in their local economy. For these vibrant local ecosystems to build trust, residents need be known and verified individuals, both online and offline. People should own their personal data and should control who knows what about them, and for how long.

lifeID is an industry leading blockchain-based identity infrastructure developer. lifeID gives citizens the control they need to own and manage their identity — for both their digital and real-world interactions. Each person gets their own personal self-sovereign identity called their “lifeID.” Using their lifeID, every citizen can be confident that they are controlling their identity data with convenience, security and privacy.

“Control of our online identities and associated personal information has been handed over to media companies that don’t always have our best interests at heart,” says Mike Cartwright, CTO of Digital Town. “DigitalTown is working with cities, towns and villages around the world, to build habit-forming and life-enhancing technology that integrates self-sovereign identity as a core design principle.”

DigitalTown and lifeID are working together to deliver this self-sovereign identity capability to every citizen of the world at no cost.

About DigitalTown

DigitalTown, Inc. (DGTW) powers Smart Cities to succeed in the Digital Age. It provides turn-key hosted solutions to power “Digital Towns”, which improve Quality of Life for residents and visitors through locally owned solutions for economic development, civic engagement and digital inclusion for cities around the world. You can download the DigitalTown App from the App Store, or visit one of our many city sites such as Austin.City to get a feel for how DigitalTown is creating value for cities around the world.

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About lifeID

lifeID is developing an open-source, permissionless, blockchain-based identity platform that enables self-sovereign identity, or SSI. The lifeID platform puts users in control of their identity, solving issues ranging from the challenges of managing passwords, to the hacking and exposure risks inherent in centralized identity data storage. lifeID provides users with the simple tools they need to interact conveniently and securely with their entire digital and physical world. And as an open-source platform, lifeID can be adapted and implemented by anyone.

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