SEATTLE, WA / ATLANTA, GA – August 2, 2018 – DigitalTown (OTC:DGTW), a pioneer in the use of blockchain-based technology and decentralized applications for Smart Cities that are designed to keep business local, announces a partnership with Monetizr, the Atlanta-based blockchain game reward engine. The partnership provides Monetizr’s 10 million members the ability to exchange their Monetizr Tokens (MTZs) with participating DigitalTown merchants, who receive a free, digital store front and low commission rates on their city’s platform powered by DigitalTown.

DigitalTown’s web and mobile application empowers residents, visitors, merchants and municipalities to work together to build thriving sovereign local communities that connect locally and globally. The innovative platform helps citizens search, shop and connect within their local economies, thereby creating more resilient, sustainable and equitable local ecosystems around the world. At the core of the DigitalTown platform is the free SmartWallet, which supports both conventional currencies such as US Dollars and Euros and Cryptocurrencies.

DigitalTown CEO, Rob Monster, comments: “DigitalTown and Monetizr share a vision for rewarding specific behaviors with blockchain tokens that can be exchanged in the real world for tangible goods and services. The partnership grants Monetizr an additional global vehicle for the exchange of Monetizr Tokens adding real value to the Monetizr business model and granting DigitalTown 10 million new users. It’s a clear win for DigitalTown, our participating merchants, Monetizr and its members.”

Monetizr Co-Founder and COO, Martins Bratuskins, adds: “We’re very excited to partner with DigitalTown and to enable our community of gamers to spend their game tokens for real items with local stores. Our mission at Monetizr is to reward gamers with tokens that have real-life value and we believe this is a perfect opportunity to add an additional value for gamers while bringing more business to local stores.”

With the Monetizr partnership, the 10 million Monetizr members will be able to incorporate their MTZs into the DigitalTown SmartWallet to exchange with participating DigitalTown merchants.


About DigitalTown

DigitalTown, Inc. (DGTW) powers Smart Cities to succeed in the Digital Age. It provides turn-key hosted solutions to power “Digital Towns”, which improve Quality of Life for residents and visitors through locally owned solutions for economic development, civic engagement and digital inclusion for cities around the world. You can download the DigitalTown App from the App Store, or visit one of our many city sites such as Austin.City to get a feel for how DigitalTown is creating value for cities around the world.

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About Monetizr

With Monetizr, developers reward gamers with MTZs to increase game engagement, play-time and revenue. Developers use the untapped power of devices to mine cryptocurrencies, creating 100% new revenue stream. Gamers earns MTZs by playing the games they love. MTZs are collected in MTZ wallets. Gamers earn additional MTZs for allowing cryptocurrency mining on their devices. Brands sponsor tokens and rewards for gamers. In exchange, brands get exposure to highly targeted audiences based on gamer interests, location and behavior. Gamers use MTZs to purchase physical goods and services, or exchange to other cryptocurrencies.


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