Smart Wallet

The Smart Wallet makes it easy to interact directly with local businesses and still have the convenience of all of your information in one place when you need it.

What is the

The DigitalTown SmartWallet provides a single login for services both from the private sector and the public sector. The SmartWallet is a central place to securely store details about user identity, reputation payment methods, personal preferences and location.

Why Verified

With a DigitalTown login, users have the option of also being verified. Once verified, this verified identity across the DigitalTown network. DigitalTown has partnered with a network of local verification partners. In addition, DigitalTown operates a service for centralized distribution of security mailers for use in doing direct verification of users.

In a DigitalTown, the sharing economy is a game changer. We’re merging the conventional and sharing economy into one portal and enabling users to engage with one another peer to peer in more ways than ever. To do this though you need to have trust through a. verified identity and b. reputation and of course c. payment. Take that identity around the world with you.

DigitalTown believes it pays to be good. We’re encouraging users to invest in their online reputation through acts of service and co-creation and simply buying from one another to keep funds in the local economy.

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