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The SmartWeb is based on the simple idea that the web should be intuitive so that you can find exactly what you are looking for and engage with it effortlessly.

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What is the Smart Web?

DigitalTown is the lead architect of a revolutionary way to navigate the Internet based on intuitive domain extensions that map to a growing number of consistent user experiences across geographies and categories, and all of it connected through a Single-Sign-on Smart Wallet so that your experience in navigating the SmartWeb is intuitive, personalized and secure.

Why do we need it?

In the physical world we have become come to expect a certain amount of order and consistency. In many cities, there is a predictable grid system for streets — 1st street is followed by 2nd street and houses were numbered sequentially, odd numbers on one side and event numbers on the other. These things did not happen by accident, but rather were made possible by city planners who applied best practices and learned how to design a city that made sense to both residents and visitors.

By contrast, the web has been a product of uncoordinated innovation. As the web got big, we needed search engines. Now search engines help us to find things, and over time, we develop brand loyalty to specific sites that give us a predictable experience for weather, news, shopping, or finding a local service provider. The result is that search engines increasingly dictate what we see or don’t see rather than making it intuitive to find the available alternatives.

Who is part of the SmartWeb?

Cities and Regions

In total, more than 20,000 cities and regions around the world are joining with DigitalTown to become part of the SmartWeb. Some of them such as .LONDON, .BOSTON and .MIAMI have their own domain extension. For most regions, they will start with a city domain such as or For cities, DigitalTown provides the cloud-hosted operating system.


A fast-growing network of category extensions are now available to be used for each category to help users intuitively find what they are looking for. .MENU for restaurants, .LAW for legal services, .SHOP for shopping. When you register one of these extensions, it comes with a turn-key platform that is SmartWeb-ready.

IoP and IoB not just IoT

In the Smart City world, there is a great deal of emphasis on Internet of Things (IoT), which is built around the notion that every device becomes IP addressable and can communicate their status to central service which is monitoring each device. For example, a Smart Trash can that can tell sanitation that the trash can is full, or a Smart Street light that can become dim when there is little traffic. The solutions, while admirable, are not free, and have to be maintained at significant cost.

InternetOfPeople (IoP)

In years gone by, people had landline phone numbers and were listed in phone directories. Along came the mobile phone, and social media. Now we have cut the cord, and have unlisted number phone numbers, and it is often hard to find whoever you are looking for on social media or through conventional search. With DigitalTown, every legal resident gets a unique, verified and permanent online digital identity, mapped to their home city, where they currently reside.

InternetOfBusiness (IoB)

Whether a business wants to sell local or global, with the SmartWeb for Business, every business can be a Smart Business, with a turn-key portal that connects to single login, making it easy for any business of any size to sell local or sell global. Forms are filled out easily and securely with latest information from your cloud-based SmartWallet. With SmartWeb, it is easy for consumers to buy local, whether home or abroad.

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