Sam Ciacco

CEO & Chairman

DigitalTown CEO Sam Ciacco is a respected industry professional with a proven track record of implementing structure and discipline – working in Canada, the US and the Middle East – with a focus on improving organizational culture. Sam is known for his ability to forensically audit financial and operational processes of companies, improve profitability and shareholder value. During his two ­year tenure at DigitalTown, Sam acted as VP of Finance and Administration, making him the best person to instil confidence with the company’s stakeholders and debtors, and help take DigitalTown to the next level.

Kevin Wilson

CFO & Director

DigitalTown CFO Kevin Wilson earned his undergraduate degree from Stanford, his MBA from UCLA, and his CPA while working at a Big Four accounting firm. A straightforward leader and communicator with a technology focus, Kevin brings almost four decades of finance leadership and entrepreneurial experiences from a wide variety of organizations including CFO for ICANN and initial CFO for Donuts helping to raise $100 million in capital which then grew to a $1 billion valuation prior to successful acquisition by a private equity firm.