The DigitalTown SmartWallet is a secure online repository of personal information, which users can selectively share. Merchants and customers can transact seamlessly and securely.

Smart Wallet



Community members can sign in or Facebook connect to access all applications, and share all approved personal info to verify age and identity. They can also choose to remain anonymous while still sharing employment, marital status and other personal information.


By using the DigitalTown sign-on, members can take their reputation with them wherever they go. A positive reputation earned on one site in the DigitalTown network can now be shared elsewhere in the network.

Payment Methods

The DigitalTown SmartWallet stores credit card, Paypal and other payment information. Payments between members is instant and fee-less for both payer and payee.


Users can share current location with specific members, or to share it publicly to all. Community members can alert friends to a dinner gathering or the entire town to a rally.


Users can share personal preferences for a customized user experience. For example, dietary preferences enable Smart.Menu to display only suitable menu options and offer recommendations.


Certain applications enable users to share personal attitudes – such as religious and political views – to connect with likeminded residents nearby.

Digital Signatures

SmartWallet provides a free cloud-based archive of digitally signed documents. It also enables free digital document signing with approved merchants, service providers and public-service agencies.

API Access

Approved content partners can access their SmartWallet via API for the purposes of enabling frictionless transactions subject to user-specified preferences and controls.